Tap Sports 2012: London

4.5 ( 5335 ratings )
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المطور: SideMaster Inc.

★Do you want to be a sports star player?
Then, just TRY IT

Tap Sports is a full featured sports game which includes 5 sports games with 3 different leagues to satisfy everyone’s needs. Regional leagues and National league is for rookies. When you acquire more skills, join the World match in where you can compete with legendary players

★Sports contents
5 different sports games and there will be more to come.

On service sports
-110m hurdles
-Long jump
-Javelin throw
-Double trap

You only need to download the game once then all the following sports will be included

Run: tap the run button to speed up your character.
Jump: tap the jump button to leap over hurdles and to jump into sand fields at the long jump
Shoot: tap the shoot button to release arrows at the archery game

Quite simple and easy? Not so fast!!

Easy to play but not to be underestimated!!
Convenient UI, quick level-ups

★Unique 5 Characters
You’ll never get bored with the 5 different characters which have unique abilities and appearance. Whats more, all 5 characters have 99 levels each.

★Facebook Integration
Stay connected! Stay Famous!
Through Facebook, show off your high records and medals you have earned and check out your friends records. Play the game with Facebook ID then you will get your friends as rivals

Q. All my games and characters have reset themselves. What happened?
A. Don’t worry; you’ll never lose your game data unless you want it. Please connect to the internet and be sure you are in online mode during game play. If you still have a problem in online, please contact us through our support page.